Emergency Fund for Older People


The Fund may assist aged persons or their dependent(s):

  • Who are or have been in business or trade within the boundaries of the City of Birmingham
  • Who are in conditions of poverty
  • Where assistance will not replace public funds


Age Concern Birmingham handle all stages of the application process for the Fund including approval of financial assistance

Age Concern Birmingham makes the following assessment of each applicant:

  • That the aged person or their dependent(s) meet William Dudley Trust’s criteria
  • Determine the most appropriate assistance required to address their needs


A one-off grant of up to £500 for equipment or household essentials

Please contact:

Age Concern Birmingham

76-78 Boldmere Road,

Sutton Coldfield,

B73 5TJ

Telephone: 0121 362 3650

Fax: 0121 362 3669

Email: info@ageconcernbirmingham.org.uk

Website: www.ageconcernbirmingham.org.uk

Administered by Age Concern Birmingham

William Dudley Trust Emergency Fund for Older People

    The William Dudley Trust

Established 1875                                                                                                                                                 Reg. Charity No. 214752

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