Grants and Bursaries

William Dudley’s original trust deed set out three areas of charitable activities:



Object 1: Loans benefiting young tradesmen starting up in business


Object 2: Benefactions to aged tradesmen


Object 3: Aid to charitable organisations for the relief of suffering



These objects were modernised in 1997 whilst ensuring that William Dudley’s original wishes were protected. The revisions were made with agreement from the Charity Commission.



The area of benefit for each Object is within the administrative boundaries of the City of Birmingham. The income of the William Dudley Trust may now be applied for the following purposes:





Awards at Birmingham School of Jewellery


Development Awards, delivered by the Prince's Trust






William Dudley's Emergency Fund for Older People administered by Age Concern, Birmingham






Grants to Charities set up for the relief of need, hardship and distress in Birmingham.


The William Dudley Trust



Established 1875 Reg. Charity No. 214752

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