School of Jewellery Award Recipients

Birmingham School of Jewellery Awards 2018

Katie Shirt

Katie Shirt was awarded the Trust's Artist in Residence bursary in November 2017. Katie received the Trust's Final Module Award in 2017 and her portfolio of jewellery was again deemed to be worthy of the Trust's support in 2018. In the coming years Katie hopes to become a self-employed jewellery maker in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Katie's website can be found at

Support for Young Jewellery Makers


The William Dudley Trust is pleased to showcase below some of the work by this year's recipients of awards made to students at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. A total of eight students received awards from the Trust in 2018. Having gone through a rigourous selection process these students exhibited the necessary attributes and talent worthy of support from the Trust, and are carrying on the tradition of world-class jewellery making in Birmingham.





Timon Tio

In an unusual move the Trust decided to award two Artist in Residence bursaries for 2018, such was the quality of the applicants. The second recipient was Timon Tio, who had had the distinction of being the only student from his year to receive a First Class degree in the Design for Industry course. Tio's website can be found at

Other 2018 award recipients:

Daniel Bollard - Final Module Award and New Designers Award

Bethany Brown - Final Module Award and New Designers Award

Daisy Grice - Final Module Award and New Designers Award

Ophelia Stoker - Final Module Award and New Designers Award

Tania Valaythen - Final Module Award and New Designers Award

Andrew Cowley - Final Module Award

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